Xingde Li, Ph.D., Professor
Biomedical Engineering, SOM
Electrical and Computer Engineering, WSE
Oncology, SOM

Research Associate
Hyeon-Cheol Park, Ph.D.
Research Interests:
Microscanning and endoscopy technologies, high resolution linear and nonlinear imaging, and biomedical applications (intra-operative guidance of brain cancer interventions, GI cancer detection, etc.).

Postdoctoral Fellow
Haolin Zhang, Ph.D. (Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona)

Research Interests:
Phase sentivite microscopy, wavefront engineering, new fiber-optic endoscopy technologies for basic research (e.g., brain function imaging) and translational applications (e.g., oral cancer detection and surgical guidance).

PhD Graduate Students
Ang Li

Research Interest:
Nonlinear microscopy;
Deep brain functional imaging;
Optical neural activation.
Honghua Guan

Research Interest:
Functional imaging of freely behaving rodents;
Preterm risk assessment.
Yuehan Liu

Research Interest:
General biophotonics imaging technologies and translational applications.

Affiliated Group Members
Carmen Kut, MD/PhD, currently a redisent in Radiation Oncology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (former PhD student in the group).

Research Interest:
Brain and oral cancer detection;
Multi-modality imaging.
Tony Pan, ECE undergraduate, Johns Hopkins University.